Send Me the Recipe!

Hello from Houston, TX!  My name is Eric and I love to cook (in the kitchen and/or on the grill).  I don’t bake… baking requires measuring and I’m not really into measuring.  Cassey loves to bake and I’m sure we’ll see some recipes (baking and cooking) from her on occasion as well.  When interacting with family, friends, and acquaintances on Facebook and I mention what I’m making, without fail someone will usually say “Send me the recipe!”  Hence… this blog is born.

Whether original, found (I’ll give credit when due if I know where I got it from), or adapted from something I found… this is where I’ll show photos and instructions for recipes we’ve enjoyed. If you find this blog and decide to try something you see here… please take the time to come back and let me know what you think of it!

You should expect to find here… great foods for entertaining friends and family or just eating at home.  Don’t expect to find… classical French cooking techniques (I’m sure there’s other blogs for that sort of thing?).  Most of these will be simple, budget friendly, and at times nutritiously balanced recipes.

Recipes may be as simple as combining a couple of items which are a big hit at parties and get requests to be made again by friends and family to the more complex.  If it is here, I’ve done it and people have liked it (or at least we did).  It’s that simple.

Happy cooking, and enjoy eating!